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Welcome to the new Mar-Schan Motorsports website friends! We thought it was time to bring our presence to the internet and possibly give you some in depth information about us as a team, our goal as a competitive force in many classes and some details of the car that most have asked about at the races or in our chats on the internet.

We hope this will be as informative as possible to bring you up to date on where we will be, how to contact us, take a look at our sponsors and products we both endorse and sell. We have a very full drop down menu above featuring all aspects of what we feel is needed for you to find or visit the places not only on our website but places we visit regularly also to keep ourselves up to date.

This is just a start for us and we will be adding more content as the season begins and we launch into running the series events you'll find in our schedule page. Our northeastern area is packed this season with some great racing venues and organizations that will show our car and team in its best light as sportsmen and friends to other racers.

Take some time, browse through our website, most of all enjoy as we will be doing also knowing we have a place for all of you to come and be a part of Mar-Schan Motorsports.

View Our Recent News And Press Here: Marschan Motorsports At Yellow Bullet Nationals 2012

Marc Schankweiler at the 2012 yelow Bullet Nationals X275 Drag Radial

Man, what a weekend! If you missed the 3rd Annual Yellow Bullet Nationals at Cecil County you missed one of the great outlaw street car races in a long time. Mar-Schan Motorsports was glad to be part of it and want to thank Monte Mikho and the crew at Cecil County for putting it on.

Read The Complete Yellow Bullet Race Review Here, Photos And Video included

Marschan Motorsports, X275 Drag Radial Chevy II

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Team Mar-Schan Motorsports Racing Wheelstand at Cecil CountyThere's so many pages here involved with our upcoming season it's hard to imagine just lumping it into one page but most likely it will be done this way for yours and our convenience.
As the car progresses through its updates, you'll find most of this in the Recent News And Press section and our Sitemap Navigation as will you find the other parts of the title above.

This mainly is for the fact we'll be doing quite a bit of racing so we'll have the need to update galleries, tech sheets, records set and hopefully winners circle results from Team Mar-Schan Motorsports so browsing our website on a regular basis will prove to have some surprises involved which always makes the experiance better.

Most of the information will be completely up to date with our finest and even our worst hours of racing. You can't win them all but it's fun trying when so many tracks offer so much with our car and its easy compliance with all the rules to play in just about any street style class.

Thanks To Our Sponsors, How To Become One:
Special Thanks To Our Sponsors And How You Can Be A Part Of Mar-Schan Motorsports
Please Visit Or Become  A Sponsor
Let's face it, without our sponsors, we'd really be having a tough time racing in any class let alone how many we plan on running this year, much has to do with our ongoing support of various sponsors that we will highlight by giving our best performances with their products.

Not only are we sponsored, but we are always looking for more needed help. As the years have gone by we've begun to bring many of our sponsors some great value for their efforts or funds.

You can always count on Mar-Schan Motorsports to make sure people know what and who we are using to do the things that show others we may have something they need to improve their performance.

Stop in our Sponsors area, and also, please feel free to inquire about sponsoring us with your products or funds, a great investment with such a versatile ride.


Marschan Motorsports Is Proud To Announce Their Sales of Jesel And Holeshot Wheels Through Our Retailers / Distributors Services

Hole Shot Wheels Distribution And Sales:

hole shot wheelsPlease feel free to visit our Holeshot Performance Wheels Sales Webpage dedicated to the sales and ways to get your hands on the baddest wheels for all types of drag racing, street or strip. Show cars and more all have their eye on these fine wheels by Holeshot Performance Wheels for looks, fit and excellent quality and lightweight, made for all the best sizes and styles of your likes and needs.


Jesel Valvetrain Innovations Distribution And Sales:

Jesel Valvetrain Innovations WebsitePlease feel free to visit our Jesel Valvetrain Innovations Distribution And Sales Webpage for our sales and services regarding our distributorship of Jesel products. Our SB2 Drag Radial / True Street / 8.50 Index Chevy II has performed outstandingly with the use of their products and parts, Jesel has never let us down in competition, and we have the wins and records to show from their quality products.

Visit Our Dedicated Jesel Valvetrain Innovations Sponsors Page Here:


Mar-Schan Motorsports And Lucas Oil Team Up Again:

Lucas Oil WebsitePlease feel free to visit our Lucas Oil WebpageWe are proud to announce that Mar-Schan Motorsports LLC will again be partnering with Lucas Oil to promote brand awareness in the sportsman drag racing and heads up drag racing arena.

We will be running Lucas oil products in our racecar as well as in our tow vehicle. This is our second season associated with Lucas and couldn't be happier with the products and support.

Visit Our Dedicated Lucas Oil Sponsors Page Here:


Mar-Schan Motorsports And DJ Safety Products 2013:

DJ Safety Products WebsitePlease feel free to visit our DJ Safety Products WebpageWe are pleased to continue our association with DJ Safety again as end users of their fine safety products as well as being an authorized dealer for their full line of gear.

DJ Safety, Inc. is an engineering and manufacturing corporation which designs and produces safety equipment for a variety of industries including: Aerospace, aviation, film, racing and theme parks.

Visit Our Dedicated DJ Safety Products Sponsors Page Here:


X275 Drag Radial Online Rules And Series:

X275 Drag Radial Website Rules And HomepagePlease feel free to visit our X275 Drag Radial Information Page X275 was started just over 2 years ago as a grassroots racing program started by John Sears. It all started at VMP, where John got his first chance to the display the class. In the last year it has taken Head’s Up racing by storm. X275 erupted in the Northeast in 2011, with 3 local tracks, within 2 hours of each other, holding an event almost once month. You can now find an X275 event at almost any track up and down the east coast. X275 is currently producing some of the largest car counts at radial events today. Spectators fill the stands for this class as most can relate to the cars.


ATI Transmissions, ATI Performance Products And Marschan Motorsports In X275:

ATI Transmissions Sponsorship With Marschan Motorsports X275 Drag RadialMar-Schan Motorsports LLC is proud to partner with ATI Racing for the 2011 x275 Drag Radial season. We will be running a Superglide 1 transmission as well as a custom ATI torque converter and harmonic dampener to get all the potential out of our M&M Competition Engines SB2.2 small block. Along with the performance gains we will have the reliability benefits from utilizing components that are built in house at ATI in a controlled environment. Visit ATI Transmissions Website And Get Moving:

Visit Our Dedicated ATI Transmissions ATI Performance Products Sponsors Page Here:


Marschan Motorsports Takes A Vendor Spot At The Northeast Custom Car Show:

Alternate Construction Concepts Northeast Custom Car Show Vendors AppearanceWe want to thank all our marketing partners and sponsors who invested some time and money for shipping us catalogs, stickers, and banners for our booth at the first North East Custom Car Show. The turn out was tremendous for both cars and spectators. I can't believe I didn't lose my voice by the end of the third day of answering questions, handing out business cards and pointing potential new customers in your direction. We made some new contacts and have made some follow up sales already for a few of our partners. Our Vendor Booth At The Northeast Custom Car Show Was A Hit, Visit Here


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