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About Team Mar-Schan MotorsportsI have been around drag racing and cars since I was an early teenager. My earliest memories are going to Maple Grove to the early Super Chevy events and the NHRA Keystone Nationals when they began. I had a 1966 Nova in high school that had a 327 that my cousin and I built with an old power glide. Man was that car rough but it was cool for a kid in school and it sounded GOOD.

One of my earliest racing memories is from the High School Drags at Maple Grove. My parents didnít want me racing but I was staying at my grandparents that weekend so I went. Our school ended up coming in first place out of all the schools and I went to the finals. Now I just had to explain the trophy to my parents.

I remember another time that I had been saving up parts to put a 4-speed in the car to replace the glide. I waited till my parents went out of town and my cousin and I made the swap. I had never driven a stick before, but I taught myself that first Friday night out on High Street in Pottstown. That old Saginaw really made the car jump. That was another surprise when my parents got home.

John Kokinda Staging The CarNow 20+ years later we have another í66 Nova that is constantly changing, as are our goals. The last couple of years I have been cutting my teeth in the local 8.50 index racing and seem to always be on the number, but canít quite make it through the field to the collect the trophy. In 2009 we plan on running some 8.50 index events but want to concentrate on the 275 Drag Radial events at Cecil County and Atco Raceway. We are going to try running the car ďout the backĒ as much as we can and hopefully make progress with our program. We are also planning on running 2 or 3 NMCA True Street events beginning with Bowling Green then Maple Grove and maybe Milan or Z-Max.

Jim Dolbin HelpingMy team is a volunteer crew that I couldnít race without. My wife Jen is at almost every race taking care of the little details that are necessary to look and perform well. My old neighbor Keith Allen has really taken a liking to racing and has bought his own project car that he hopes to complete someday. My other volunteer who puts up with my moods and demands is John (Wazslow) Kokinda who when his car isnít at the same race usually always has time to help out including flying to Joliet, Illinois in 2007 to help me out at an NMCA event. There are a couple of others who do spot duty when asked like Cecil Walton and Jim Dolbin who arenít afraid to get dirty and help out with anything.

Highlight Accomplishments

The Official Website Of The No Time NationalsOur 2008 Season finished with a crucial victory at the popular street and grudge race "The Annual No Time Nationals" at Atco Raceway in November by the
Our Street Car was moved into the Old School Pro Street class as a potentially outgunned, under-tired, overweight real street car and went 4 rounds agianst some of the baddest NY, NJ, and PA rides.

We took home the Championship title and money with a problem free consistant set of runs. It was a great way to end the year for Mar-Schan Motorsports.

In 2008 we started the season with some testing and an appearance at the NMCA event at Atco Raceway. We raced in the True Street category in oppressive 98+ degree temperatures. There were approximately 57 cars in our class which entailed a 31 mile cruise, a short cool down period, and 3 back to back passes with about 17 minutes between. We ultimately finished in the runner-up position with an 8.714 3-pass average, a scant .022 seconds average from first. Not a bad debut considering the heat and lack of testing and running out of fuel for a second on the last pass.

In July, once again in oppressive heat, we participated in the True Street class at Super Chevy at Maple Grove. We finished with the best 3-pass average out of approximately 35 cars. We also received and Editorís Choice Top 10 Drag Car plaque for our presentation and efforts.

We also participated at various 8.50 index races. These included the Super Sunday Shootout race at Maple Grove, Outlaws At Atco, Shakedown At E-town, and the Street Car Shootout events at Cecil County. We have been to the finals and the semi finals at Atco and Cecil County.

Cafe Press CalendarDue to our finishes at the NMCA race and Super Chevy we received magazine coverage including pictures in Super Chevy Magazine, Fastest Street Car Magazine and Popular Hot Rodding.

We have also been interviewed for an Internet feature on Your Way Network, and had a calendar made featuring our car that is available for sale through Cafť Press.

Fastest Street Car CoverIn the past the Nova has been featured on the cover of the December 2005 issue of Fastest Street Car Magazine after our victory in the NMCA True Street category.

The car was also on the cover of the December 2006 issue of Super Chevy Magazine, with a full 3-page feature article on the car and its history.

At the 2006 Super Chevy Show at Maple Grove we were also awarded a Top 10 Editorís Choice Award for drag cars. The car has also been featured in a special article about the fastest True Street cars in the NMCA. Our car holds the fourth place ranking in that category.

In Closing From Mar-Schan Motorsports

Screaming Into 2009The biggest thing for 2013 and beyond is to always be safe, have a good time and be a good sportsman, competitor and representative for our sponsors. We would like to hit the 7-second zone sometime in the future, but we want to keep the motor alive while trying.

Thanks to all those companies and individuals who support us and help us as we strive to put the Mar-Schan Motorsports Nova in the winnerís circle.


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