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Mar-Schan Motorsports Promotional Video
Taking Sponsorship To A New Level.

I want to thank Matt Sears for knocking out this video for us with just a couple of days notice prior to the North East Custom Car Show. I wanted something we could use at our booth to promote our sponsors, some past, some present, using the video footage we had from 2010 and before. We also wanted to showcase what could be expected if someone attended an X275 race.

Matt did a great job of doing both in the 3 minutes given to him and again I thank him and our sponsors and marketing partners for helping get us down the track.

Mar-Schan Motorsports In Mickey Thompson History Video
A Tribute Anyone Could Be Proud To Be Included

I was recently honored to be part of a promotional video for Mickey Thompson Tires that was just released and I wanted to share it here. They have been supportive of our racing program since 2007 and I want to take the time to thank them for their commitment to quality and to the grass roots racing community.

I am proud to represent them again this season and look forward to many more years of racing with them. Just being recognized as an asset to their progressive program and being in this video with some of the big names in the street car racing scene keeps me motivated even with the rough start to the season we are having this year.

The Mar-Schan Motorsports Team would like to again thank Carl Robinson, Ben Anderson, Aaron Smith and the whole Mickey Thompson team for helping support our passion safely.

Sincerely "Marc Schankweiler"

Mickey Thompson Tires Website. Visit Them Here:

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Marc Schankweiler Interviews With Horsepower TVTitle:  Marc Schankweiler Interview With Power TV
Duration:  Forward To 3 Mins In
Size:  Off Site Video
Info:  Marc Schankweiler at Bowling Green, Kentucky NMCA Interview

In Car WheelieTitle:  My In Car Wheelie
Duration:  34 Seconds
Size:  4.12 megabytes
Info:  Played To The Tunes Of Saliva

Marc Schankweiler 8.46Title:  The Bad Blue Chevy II Runs 8.46
Duration:  31 Seconds
Size:  3.85 megabytes
Info:  By Team Mar-Schan Motorsports

Marc Schankweiler TNT 8.50Title:  Test and Tune 8.50 Pass
Duration:  13 Seconds
Size:  1.68 megabytes
Info:  Courtesy Of CLC Videos

Marc Schankweiler Monster WheelieTitle:  No Tme Nationals Monster Wheelstand Winning Pass
Duration:  57 Seconds
Size:  3.65 megabytes
Info:  Courtesy Of Zlumlords Videos

Marc Schankweiler First 8.50Title:  My First 8.50 Pass
Duration:  15 Seconds
Size:  1.46 megabytes
Info:  Courtesy Of CLC Videos

Marc Schankweiler Cecil County 8.40Title:  Clicking Off An 8.40 At Cecil County
Duration:  35 Seconds
Size:  3.27 megabytes
Info:  Courtesy Of Zlumlords Videos

Marc Schankweiler First 160MPH PassTitle:  The Bad Blue Chevy II Runs 160+
Duration:  55 Seconds
Size:  5.20 megabytes
Info:  By Team Mar-Schan Motorsports

Marc Schankweiler 8.45Title:  The Bad Blue Chevy II Runs 8.45 At Atco
Duration:  15 Seconds
Size:  1.43 megabytes
Info:  Courtesy Of CLC Videos


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