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Post Date: December 14th, 2017 | Author: Marc Schankweiler

Team Kuhn Racing NHRA Junior Dragster and John ForceThe last two races of the Kuhn Racing season in the Lucas Oil Racing TV junior dragster powered by Boccella's Performance were rained out. We attempted to compete at Maple Grove and at the Cecil County Turkey Day Race which we have done well at over the last four years, but the fall weather would not cooperate.

2017 was Braylon's first full season in the 7.90 class. We had hoped for better results based on how we ran last season in the old car and how we finished the season after the debut of the new combination. The crew chief, yours truly, decided to not use weight to manage the speed and ET of the car, but instead tested and ran with a restrictor placed in the intake manifold. This is a method that has worked very successfully for others we know, but somehow our combination didn't fare too well. Then we had another issue with fuel management and we chased our tails till early June with a gremlin that I couldn't put my finger on.

We purchased another complete engine from Craw's Racing after dropping the troublemaker off at his shop to find the issues. I had been planning to get another engine anyway so we have a backup should anything happen at a race, because points are so tight at our home track. I would hate to give any points away if it could be helped with a simple engine swap. The issues plaguing us just expedited the purchase process. The next day the Craw's team called us after diagnosing our issues and started to repair the original motor to be used as our backup.

Team Kuhn Racing NHRA Junior Dragster and Leah PritchettWe ended up running at 33 races and did 2 test and tune days, and we had 5 races rained out. Braylon put 105 passes on the new motor and about 55 on the old troublemaker. He found the Winner's Circle once, had a runner up finish, a semi-final and a quarter final round appearance. He finished in the top 10 in points at Maple Grove by the slimmest of margins. There were more first round losses than second round losses and we hope that in 2018 we can hit the track running with what we learned not just on the track but off it as well.

For next season we are looking to take some more safety measures on and around Braylon and take a step above the minimum requirements. We know we have the best USA made gear from DJ Safety, we just want more. Braylon has grown physically a lot in the last year, but we want to keep him moving forward academically and with his mental focus. The racing is supposed to be fun and it definitely keeps us together on weekends, which is a lot better than going our separate ways with individual hobbies. We love our racing family and the friends we have made at the track and in the performance marketplace.

I want to personally thank Michael Boccella from Bocella's Performance, Tom Bogner from Lucas Oil, Ben Conant and Loren Hill from DJ Safety, Jason Allen from ProThings, Lela Martin from NGK, Fred Craw and Al Kubicke from Craw's Racing and Tim Charlet and Joe Morrison for allowing us to be a part of the Right2Breathe® family. Without your support, belief in us, great products and services we couldn't have raced as much as we were able to. Our family thanks you all.

This is PRI week so hopefully I will see many of you in Indianapolis in a few days. For now I will leave you with some photographic highlights of the 2017 season. I hope you enjoy.

See you at the track!

Kuhn Racing NHRA Junior Dragster 2017 Kuhn Racing NHRA Junior Dragster 2017
Kuhn Racing NHRA Junior Dragster 2017 Kuhn Racing NHRA Junior Dragster 2017
Kuhn Racing NHRA Junior Dragster 2017 Kuhn Racing NHRA Junior Dragster 2017

pagebreak September Delivers with Exciting Memories and Experiences
Post Date: October 12th, 2017 | Author: Marc Schankweiler

Mother Nature couldn't make up her mind in September. With temperature swings ranging from cold nights in the 40's to daytime temperatures eclipsing 90 with intense humidity and some liquid pain falling from the sky in between, racing was a challenge. Our Kuhn Racing team was looking forward on improving our top-10 point standing during our Sunoco Race Fuels Money Trail event #15. Unfortunately, the event was rained-out on September 2nd, which in hindsight, ensured we did not fall out of the top 10 in points as well. We want to congratulate CJ Ketterer on his second straight championship at Maple Grove.

The following weekend we headed back down to Cecil County for the Mid Atlantic Junior Dragster Challenge Race. We entered (4) individual races during the two-day event. The first race was an All Age Group race, where kids of all ages raced together. We ended up losing in the 2nd round on a double breakout. The second race was the $1500 to win Big Money Race. Braylon was trip-zip perfect with a perfect 0.000 reaction time in the time run which set him up for round one. In the opening stanza, Braylon parlayed a 0.025 light and a dead-on-with-a-5; 7.905 elapsed time to capture the first-round victory. In round two, Braylon was slightly late on the tree, but drove the stripe perfectly with an exceptional 7.902 ET. He continued with double-breakout victories in round three and four, but a - 0.004 big red tomato ended our day with three-cars left. It was a great day of racing, and I was excited to see him driving the finish line as well as he was.

Leah Prichett and Braylon Kuhn

The following day was the Summit Junior Dragster Challenge Wally Race and we were on the good side of a double red light -.013 to a -.015 for a first round win. The day ended in the second round with a breakout loss after losing the battle at the starting line. We made a lot of runs in two days and we put our Craw's Racing motor to the test hot lapping it between rounds. Fortunately, we have plenty of Lucas Oil 5w-20 Junior Dragster oil and VP M1 from Boccella's Performance to keep us rolling. We'd like to send our congratulations to Matt Witkowski, Jeremy Ketterer, Paige Ketterer and Brendan Collar for class wins over the weekend in various races. Thanks Keith Paylor and his family for all his work they put into the event.

With our September racing in the books, we were excited about attending the NHRA Dodge Nationals, the second race in the NHRA Mello Yellow Countdown to the Championship. On the eve of the event, the family didn't feel like cooking, so we thought hot pizza from NHRA sponsor Papa John's would be in order. What a surprise it was for Braylon when Don Schumacher Racing Top Fuel dragster driver Leah Pritchett delivered a plethora of Papa John's Pizza's to our driveway and garage. Leah spent a lot of time talking to Braylon about his car, her junior dragster career, and her season and future. She is the epitome of professionalism and even with her busy schedule of appearances and marketing she still kept a smile and was not in a rush to just complete a sponsorship requirement and leave. Thank you to Leah, DSR and Papa Johns for the experience. This was probably the first time EVER that I didn't have a slice of delivered pizza in my mouth within the first minute after the doorbell rang.

Leah Prichett and Braylon Kuhn

24 hours later our Lucas Oil Racing TV dragster was on site at Maple Grove for display purposes at the NHRA Dodge Nationals. Our great partners at Right2Breathe® gave me a call a few days earlier to see if we would be interested in having it at their free asthma screening event on the midway with the legendary Frantic Ford and Joe Morrison's 1948 Fiat Topolino Nostalgia Altered. It was an honor to be a part of their display. There were 20 professional respiratory therapists and RT students from the local respiratory therapy colleges who volunteered for the three-day event. Even though the temperatures were above normal they completed hundreds of free spirometry tests. My wife Jennifer and I put our "Lungs on the dyno", giving us a baseline of understanding about the health of our lungs as did hundreds of other passionate drag racing fans, fellow racers - even vendors of other sponsors on display in the NHRA midway.

As Braylon was diagnosed with Asthma several years ago, he is still able to function and drive an 83mph dragster with proper medical treatment as needed, which is one of the reasons Right2Breathe® exists - and why we support this amazing non-profit organization. One of their objectives is to showcase real world examples of people living with a chronic medical condition living an active life and doing the things they enjoy. Braylon is a shining example of this, as is Right2Breathe® co-founder and CMO Tim Charlet, who recently regained his NHRA competition license with Tom Bayer in Division 7 after a five-year effort to manage his Type 2 Diabetes without insulin, which is a medical requirement to pass NHRA's physical requirements. It was great to be a part of their program and we anticipate moving forward with them in an exciting 2018. To learn more about them visit

Leah Prichett and Braylon Kuhn

At an NHRA event "where every ticket is a pit pass" you have a chance to get up close and personal with many of the professional and sportsman drivers. One of our family's favorites is John Force, because of his close relationship with Jen's dad when they were growing up in high school. It was also neat to bump into Braylon's Lucas Oil teammate Hector Arana whose son Hector Jr. is locked in a tight battle for the Pro Stock Motorcycle championship.

We still have a few races to go this season before we wrap it up and start the end of season dismantle and maintenance on the car for 2018. Hopefully we will turn on some more win lights and hopefully shed more good light on our marketing partners who we didn't mention above: ProThings, DJ Safety, Clark Industrial Supply and NGK.

Leah Prichett and Braylon Kuhn

See you at the track!

pagebreak Making Memories!! Jr Dragster Racing
Post Date: August 24th, 2017 | Author: Marc Schankweiler

Division 1 NHRA Junior Dragster Championships 2017Someone once said "You will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory." In life sometimes the memories we store in our brains are fleeting, sometimes they are etched like a granite plaque. There are things we wish we could forget but conversely often the memories we want to remember disappear, no matter how hard we bang our heads on the wall to recall them. One can make a lot of things, but in racing one thing that most sportsman drivers won't make is money.

This leaves one with the opportunity to make friends and memories, which is what we are trying to do. The "moment" that becomes the memory might be sharing in a victory celebration, a big round win, and the memory might be less exciting and be just a lesson learned. We love to keep photographs of these moments, but the unseen recollection is as equally important as a racer and team grow. In the few years that Braylon has been racing I have seen this growth. He is hopefully making lifelong friends as well as taking lessons from mistakes and split second decisions.

Our Lucas Oil Racing TV junior dragster team has had its share of ups and downs this season, but in the last couple of months our engine program has come around thanks to Craws Racing and their expert knowledge and technical support.

Division 1 NHRA Junior Dragster Championships 2017We recently participated in the Division 1 NHRA Junior Dragster Championships at Numidia Dragway on August 10th-12th. Braylon competed in 4 separate races in 3 days, including the 13-14 year old age group category for the Division 1 championship. He compiled an 11-4 win loss record over the weekend and I could see him remembering the basics like staging and launching the car consistently. His reaction times were exceptional throughout the event because of his concentration.

Thursday the 10th started without me, the crew chief and CFO of the whole operation not on the property due to work obligations. Marlin Spotts and Jason Brinckman did a great job of helping Jen and Braylon with the setup of our pit and even guiding Braylon to a round one win in the first race. We lost in the 5th round quarterfinals with 6 cars left out of around 120+ cars to the eventual winner.

Division 1 NHRA Junior Dragster Championships 2017On Friday the day started with two time runs for Saturday's main event and there was another "gamblers race" to finish out the day that was cut short because of the rain. On Saturday Braylon drew a first round opponent in the Divisional event that had beaten us as recently as Thursday and also last year at this same event. To put it mildly my driver's memories were not too positive. After some words of encouragement he went out to strap a perfect reaction time on the tree and ran .005 seconds over his dial in. Almost a perfect run which earned him a bye run in round two. The memory of this run won't go away soon and I hope he remembers that he can beat anyone he puts his mind to. He got down to the final 6 cars out of around 40 losing in the fourth round again to the eventual winner.

In the rain delayed gamblers race we lost in the 5th round after a break out at the finish line of .004 seconds, once again to the eventual winner of the race. Braylon can take some solace from the fact that we lost the first three races to the best racer on the property entered in those events. We promptly entered the late evening High Rollers Race, where we unfortunately turned on the red light on the starting line with a -.009 effort in the first round.

Division 1 NHRA Junior Dragster Championships 2017Even though we were eventually on the losing end of all the races, this was as much fun as we have had in a long time. There were no big wins but the memories and lessons learned will last a while.

Fast forward a week to the 19th and 20th and we are at Cecil County Dragway for the Lucas Oil Regional Racing Series again going for an age group Wally in the 13-17 year old bracket. It is a great experience to be in front of a real crowd of spectators, even if they are there to see the bigger cars. We had a lot of compliments and questions to answer about our DJ Safety equipped ride. It's always great to see a good mix of old classic iron and the new factory stock types of racecars putting on a great show.

Division 1 NHRA Junior Dragster Championships 2017Unfortunately what will be remembered was a first round loss, but hopefully the way to mitigate those miscues will be as well. We did have a great time with our extended racing family and a day at the track with your family is better than a day at work.

The Kuhn Racing/Mar-Schan Motorsports junior dragster will be at our home track Maple Grove on September 2nd for Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series race #15 and we hope to move up in points at the last event. After that it is back to Cecil County on the 9th and 10th for the Mid Atlantic Junior Challenge event where we will enter between three and four races.

Thanks to everyone who supports us with all our on the track endeavors and we hope that you too can commit some of our moments of success to your memories.

See you at the track!
Marc, Jen and Braylon

pagebreak No Participation Trophies In This Sport
Post Date: August 8th, 2017 | Author: Marc Schankweiler

No Participation Trophies In This Sport

The one thing in drag racing that is a double-edged sword is that it is not really a team sport. Sure, there is the driver and his or her crew, but once the engine starts, the helmet strap is tightened and the five-point DJ Safety harness is buckled up to the driver. He or she must be mentally focused on the starting line and make several decisions while going down the track in under 8 seconds, or in slightly less time than it takes me to eat a slice of pizza. You win and lose by thousandths of seconds and that pressure can weigh on a driver young or old. These kids amaze me at the track and when you are hot you are hot and when you are not you are not. They don't get trophies for just showing up and trying, and there are more ways to lose than there are to win, but that's what makes the wins special.

No Participation Trophies In This Sport

As a team, we are trying to stack the odds by being at the track as much as possible. Since the last update, less than one month ago, Kuhn Racing has entered seven races and has had trouble getting out of the first round in most of them. We have lost three races on the starting line with red lights of .004, .006 and .008. We left Bristol, Tennessee in late July with some good data for next year, but without any momentum to bring home. At our home track at Maple Grove we are fighting for our lives to stay in the Top 10 in points after a double race weekend right after Bristol. Last weekend we headed up to Numidia Dragway to try to get comfortable with the track after our last outing when we were fighting ongoing engine troubles. With the NHRA Division 1 event there in a few days we decided to not attend the big money race in Kentucky, but to stay here and focus on this race. Our Lucas Oil Racing TV junior dragster was once again sent home early with a tough lesson learned.

No Participation Trophies In This Sport

We are taking notes and of course making memories and I know it will all come together soon. With probably eight to ten races left in the season Braylon will be working on what we learned and we hope to go some rounds for our marketing partners. Thanks to Lucas Oil, Boccella's Performance, DJ Safety, NGK, Clark Industrial Supply, and ProThings for always having what we need and getting us down the track. Thanks go to Craw's Racing and Diane Kubicke for being there at the big events and on the phone for technical support and photos. If you aren't a big fan of drag racing but still like motorsports you can check out Lucas Oil Racing TV to fill your need for speed and power 24/7. Till next time…

See you at the track!

pagebreak AMBER ALERT - Missing: Confident Driver and Crew Chief
Post Date: May 21st, 2017 | Author: Marc Schankweiler

Kuhn Racing jr Dragster Maple Grove 2017I hope these two are found soon. Their family wants them returned to the track, no questions asked. They were last seen at Cecil County Dragway on April 9th in the Winner's Circle standing with the Lucas Oil Racing TV junior dragster. "I just want them back so we can go rounds," said wife and mother, Jennifer.

In all seriousness the Mar-Schan Motorsports/Kuhn Racing team hasn't been in the tank, but we aren't setting the world on fire either. A round win here, a second round win there, and some first round losses, but more questions than answers.

One of the blessings of racing at Maple Grove is also a curse, the quality of the competition. There are no easy rounds and no one is a sitting duck either, but as the crew chief I don't think a GPS would help us find our way some days. I keep reminding myself this is supposed to be fun.

It's not a job, but the stress and frustration due to self-perceived underachievement sometimes get the best of all of us in our pit. Questions like should Braylon hit the practice tree instead of playing video games after school? Should he immerse himself in the written wisdom of Peter Biondo on how to "hold numbers?"

Kuhn Racing jr Dragster Maple Grove 2017Maybe baseball was a better option as a summer sport. Ummmm...No! I keep trying to remember he is only 13 years old, but the taste of success, however sparse, has left us hungering for more and expecting it more often than not.

Since the last update at the end of April we have had four races finished and one rained out. On April 29th we lost in the second round and on April 30th we lost in the first round. If we can't win the race, which are typically five rounds long, we want to make it to at least the third round at each points event. This will keep Braylon in the top 5 or 6 in points.

I honestly don't remember how we lost at those events, but it was still better than being at work in all honesty. Win lose or draw it's always a privilege to see the pictures taken by the photographers to document the irreplaceable investment as a family we put into this sport.

Kuhn Racing jr Dragster Maple Grove 2017After a rain out on May 13th we are brought to another "double" weekend at Maple Grove with a chance to climb the ladder on the 20th and 21st. On day 1 we weren't rock solid but we did manage to make it to round 3. We didn't win the war, but a small mental victory was had and we hoped to capitalize on that on Sunday.

Sunday dawned with clear skies and low wind for the first round of time runs. The track was on kill and with the low humidity and lack of wind we were a lot quicker than we wanted and were allowed to be. I decided to add a mere ten pounds to the car to get us closer to our 7.90 second legal time.

Conversations between runs centered on how nice the weather was, the sunshine and the good times had by the families who spent the night at the track. As we headed up to the staging lanes for our second time run the clouds had rolled in, the temperature dropped and we were staring a variable headwind in the face. In hindsight I definitely did not need to add that weight AND I should have made a carburetor jet change to compensate for the cooler temperatures albeit only four or five degrees.

As a result the car did not get up to the temperature it likes on the launch, and I am starting to figure out where the bottom of that range is unfortunately. The car hesitated. Braylon's reaction time suffered and our ET was questionable after the weight change, weather change and stumble on the start all hit us at once.

All this smacking you in the face as a driver or crew chief at once can wreak havoc on the fragile psyche of an already frustrated team. In true Maple Grove fashion for the first round we were paired up with Saturday's winner Killer KK Kershner. She strapped a .008 reaction time on us and it was over on the starting line in round 1.

Kuhn Racing jr Dragster Maple Grove 2017 Disappointment, frustration and questions all come to life in less than 8 seconds, but the reality of another race without a win lasts a little bit longer. We were sent packing early again, but I have no doubt we will get it figured out hopefully sooner than later. Fortunately it is a long season with some big races on the horizon. In less than a week we are back at Maple Grove for the Lucas Oil Regional Drag Racing Series and then another "double" points weekend right after that.

Usually in an hour or two, a hug, a pat on the back or high five in reassurance that everything will be ok from Jennifer and I snap out of it. Well sometimes anyway, but we all feel the desire to do better and make sure we can support those that believe in us week in a week out doing what we love to do.

We have the best of the best and we hope that our name and our reputation are as good as theirs someday. Don't worry, I am sure the missing driver and crew chief will reappear soon, till then say a prayer for Jennifer, on second thought even if we are found say a prayer for her anyway, she puts up with me.

See you at the track!

pagebreak It Just Got Real!
Post Date: April 27th, 2017 | Author: Marc Schankweiler

Mid Atlantic Junior Dragster Shootout

After months of waiting, talking and planning the 2017 drag racing season is upon us here in the northeast after a relatively mild winter. The car has been wrapped, everything was polished, the tow vehicle and trailer were serviced, and we are ready to go! Braylon's first full season in Junior Dragster racing's quickest eighth mile class is now a reality. Braylon's expectations are high, the pressure is light and his game face is on! Our schedule includes approximately 30-35 different races in 5 different states if all goes as planned. Our season started in late March and we will run into November.

Summit Racing Junior Dragster ChallengeOur first day out was a test session at Cecil County on March 26th in preparation for the Mid Atlantic Junior Dragster Shootout that would take place two weeks later on the same fabled piece of asphalt and concrete. It was an unusually warm day for late March with a blustery spring wind but it felt good to be back on the track. Our goal was to find a way to slow the car down mechanically without adding as much ballast to the chassis. After making 6 passes trying various ideas I think we had a good baseline for the upcoming event and into the season. Thanks to some work by Jim Jacob in his machine shop a couple of days later some custom hardware was made and put into place on the billet Craw's Racing ZR-4 engine.

As planned the weekend of April 8-9 we again trekked down through Amish country to the County to enter 4 races in those two days. Braylon won the annual Turkey Day race just over 4 months ago on the same track so confidence was high. Unfortunately it's not always possible to just will yourself to the Winner's Circle so we had a rough start to the weekend on Saturday. It was one of those days with changing winds and temperatures and it was going to be a driver's race. At the end of the day we were snake bit in the three races entered. In the All Age Group Race we lost in the third round. In the Pro Dial Race, one of Braylon's historically better events, we lost in the second round and in the new 330' Bracket Race we lost in the very first round. Not a great first day of competition, but after some food, friends, fun and some sleep, Sunday dawned and the weather was much different. We stayed to enter the normal Cecil County points race and after 5 rounds of great driving Braylon came out on top and put the Lucas Oil Racing TV junior dragster in victory lane for the first time. It's always a good feeling to do that, but even better when we can bounce right back from a so-so day before, and it makes for a much better ride home!

Summit Racing Junior Dragster Challenge

The following week on the 15th we headed to Maple Grove for some testing at our home track where the competition is tough week in and week out and points are hard to come by. Braylon missed winning the 2016 championship by losing the third round of the last race and he ended up in the fourth place in points. That's how quick you can go down or up the ladder when points are tight and we wanted to get a jump on the season. We only made four runs, just enough to get some data, hit the tree, and get home in time to head out for dinner as a family.

Summit Racing Junior Dragster ChallengeApril 22nd was the first scheduled race at The Grove and right off the bat it was the Summit Racing Junior Dragster Challenge, which is contested for a trophy known as a Wally. You will hear that mentioned several times this season because they are tough to win and highly sought after. The day started wet and ended wet just before noon when the race was cancelled and a reschedule would be necessary. We packed the trailer, locked it up and headed home in the family car with the rig poised to do battle on Sunday for the Sunoco Race Fuels Money Trail ET Bracket Series Race #1.

Sunday was a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine and 22 racers ready to mix it up on the track. We had a little hiccup on the first time run, then a little driver error on the second and we never really found our groove. Fortunately we escaped the first round, and as Braylon said it "I didn't deserve to win," but happiness was short lived. In the second round Braylon was a little too pumped to get a jump off the starting line and the old red light came on. Not a great start to the season but not terrible either. The good thing is the driver gave the crew chief feedback on each run about what went wrong and why. That is a positive sign showing that he is learning and connecting the dots not just pushing pedals and turning a wheel. Congrats to our neighbor and friend Benjamin Spotts and his family on the win!

Don Staib at Rising Sun Photographs

I want to thank our friend Christina Ketterer for always taking great pictures of our Maple Grove racers and sharing them with us, and to Don Staib at Rising Sun Photographs for the use of some of the pictures here.

Thanks to Boccella's Performance, Lucas Oil, DJ Safety, NGK and Clark Industrial for the parts we need to make this possible. I also want to give a shout out to Craw's Racing for a great engine combination and technical support. Keep in mind if you are at the NHRA Four-Wide event in Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend don't forget to stop and see our friends at Right2Breath® for your free pulmonary screening. It might just change your life!

Next up for our team is Sunoco Race Fuels race #2 and #3 on April 29th and 30th at Maple Grove. We are hoping to gain some ground and move up some positions and try to stay in the top 5 for the season, but it's not going to be easy.

See you at the track!

pagebreak Putting the Wraps on 2016 and Preparing for 2017
Post Date: February 25th, 2017 | Author: Marc Schankweiler

In the last three months we have had some good things happen as we prepare to hit the 660' again in 2017 with our new look Lucas Oil Racing TV, DJ Safety, Boccella's Performance NHRA junior dragster powered by Craw's Racing and NGK.

Kuhn Racing jr Dragster 54th annual Maple Grove Awards Banquet on February 4th

Before we start the season we had to officially put the wraps on 2016 at the 54th annual Maple Grove Awards Banquet on February 4th. Over 300 racers, families and sponsors were in attendance to watch the top point earners in each category cross the stage and accept their rewards. Congratulations to all the winners and champions in their respective classes. It was an honor to be there as a family to watch long time icons of the sport, Lex Dudas, Mike Lewis and Al Hanna take the stage to share memories and present awards.

Braylon received a plaque for his 4th place in points this past season and we hope to improve on that finish next season. That will be a tough order since every racer at Maple Grove has a shot at winning each race. Braylon was also nominated for the "Finish Line Magician" award for the best junior dragster finish line driver, as well as "Breakout Season" from which three drivers were nominated out of all classes. Unfortunately he didn't win either of the votes but it was surprising for Braylon to hear his name from the stage when the nominees were presented since we never told him about the voting. We still had a great night hanging out with good friends at such a well-run event. Now we know what to expect next year and hope to be invited again.

As most of you may know our team has enjoyed the support and awesome products from Lucas oil for several years now and after much persuasion they have entrusted us with responsibility of promoting their Lucas Oil Racing TV channel for 2017. Braylon's 2016 Mike Bos dragster that we raced the last few events last season and brought home two wins and a semi-final appearance, clad in basic black, now flies the awesome colors of the LORTV brand thanks to

Kuhn Racing jr Dragster NHRA Jr Dragster publication

Kuhn Racing jr Dragster Jr Dragster MagazineOn a cold windy afternoon back in January I coordinated a photo shoot with Mark Tinari, one of the best in the business, and fortunately close to our home. We set up shop at Jacob Pattern Works on an old wooden floor with lots of character and with my father helping set things up; Mark came up with some great shots. We didn't do this just because we had spare time on a snowy Saturday, but we are always looking for ways to thank and promote the great companies that help us out. Here are a couple of my favorites. Which shot do you like the best?

One thing that I was shooting for, pun intended, was to have the car featured in National Dragster or the Jr Dragster Magazine. I lobbied both magazines and their editors but the best fit for them was in the "What's New" section of the NHRA Jr Dragster publication. As it ended up we got the lead in shot and for that I am grateful to Mark for his time, Jim Jacobs for his hospitality and the NHRA for the promotional opportunity.

We were proud to play a small part in the resurrection of Maddie Stephen's junior dragster that was heavily damaged in a tragic fire that claimed her home and left her father critically burned. In just a few months the car that was practically destroyed was brought back to life with two of our local racers Jarrod Kissinger and Ben Spotts leading the charge to find sponsors and doing the repairs at Ken's Kustom Chassis. Once the car was done it was unveiled for the first time in front of Maddie and her healing father at the Motorama in Harrisburg, Pa on February 18th. So glad to be a part of such a great racing community that helps others. We can't wait to see her in the new car at the track.

Maddie Stephen's junior dragster that was heavily damaged in a tragic fire

In just a little over a month the season will start with hopefully a test session in late March and the first race in early April and then its full steam ahead. Whether you are looking for performance, safety or getting your racing "fix" at home or on your mobile device please keep these companies that support racing and racers first on your contact list: Craw's Racing, DJ Safety, Lucas Oil Products, Lucas Oil Racing TV, Boccellas Performance, NGK, Clark Industrial Supply and remember you always have a Right2Breathe!
See you at the track!



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