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Post Date: March 9th 2014 | Author: Marc Schankweiler

Mar-Schan Motorsports - Springing ForwardIt must be getting close to springtime because the grass that is visible along the edge of the melting snow is a muddy mess. A few more days, and inside the patio door, the kitchen floor will be a beautiful shade of mud. Can't wait!

Another sign of spring is the packed house at South Georgia Motorsports Park for this weekend's Lights Out V event. If watching the live feed doesn't help by wetting your appetite for racing then you have obviously inadvertently clicked on the wrong website!

It was warm enough to actually turn the heat off in the garage and open the doors while I put the recently freshened ATI Superglide back in position under the 48-year old floor of our Nova.

recently freshened ATI SuperglideThanks to JC and the gang down at ATI Performance Products it was quickly turned around, and even delivered close to home by one of their shop guys. While I was sliding around on my back it was a good time to inspect and clean the dirty side of the car including the suspension.

In the last couple of months I have had the opportunity to attend my first Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis. It was a far cry from attending PRI in the sunshine state in December but it was a great opportunity to meet new people and work on partnerships and relationships.

my first Performance Racing Industry show in IndianapolisTo be successful in racing and in life one needs to have a solid blend of both, and having a chance to see and meet the people that help you out from across the country always helps.

We are fortunate enough to have kept most of our racing partners and sponsors happy and they have acknowledged that we have their support again in 2014. I did attend trying to focus on growing our performance parts business and to that end I was successful as Mar-Schan Motorsports LLC is now an official dealer for Nickels Performance Warehouse.

Minimal changes are in order for our engine combination this season and it is out and at BMS Racing Engines for some inspection and updates. Bullet Racing Cams has tweaked the grind of our bump stick adding some lift and duration as required to be able to take advantage of the nitrous oxide we introduce to the combustion chamber.

Bullet Racing Cams has tweaked the grind of our bump stick adding some lift and durationThe old grind was kind of a dual-purpose cam that would be good to cruise around in and still be fast. Well the "fast" of just a few years ago and the "fast" of today have a totally different meaning. With electronics and engine technology and tires like the Mickey Thompson ET Drag Radial Pro tire times have really changed. We still plan on starting the season in the 8.50 index class but maybe we will dabble in some X275 racing or True Street events.

The NHRA in Division 1, which we are a part of, has added three 8.50 index races to their National Open Series events this season in the North East. This will be a first for the division and we hope to put on a good show for the fans seeing it for the first time. The schedule includes adding the class to the Penske Truck Leasing Pennsylvania Dutch Classic at Maple Grove, which is an iconic event and we are stoked have an opportunity to be on the same stage as some of sportsman racing's best.

Braylon is a member of the NHRA Junior Drag Racing LeagueSpeaking of NHRA, my stepson Braylon is a member of the NHRA Junior Drag Racing League and he is getting ready for his first full season in an 8.90 car of his own. He has been practicing in a junior dragster simulator, which is based on the cockpit and of an actual racecar. It's hooked up to a full size starting line "Christmas Tree" like the one that would signal the start of a race, and he is improving his reaction times because of it. Unfortunately it's set up in our modest living room and I want to apologize to my dogs for interrupting their favorite lines where they used to run laps. Oh and my wife and anyone who has wanted to walk around the cocktail table for the purpose of personal comfort.

We have Lucas Oil back on board with our car again for a third season and they are helping out with the lubricants that Bray needs on his car like their SAE 5W-20 Junior Dragster oil and Chain Lubricant. Several of our marketing partners have been able to cross over to both of our cars including NGK, Clark Industrial Supply, Boccella's Performance, DJ Safety, Mickey Thompson, and John Martin Painting. Maybe you see a spot or opportunity to add to your company's exposure on one or both of our cars.

One of the other changes you might notice in our pit is that the old motor home is gone and so is its fuel bill along with our old 26' trailer. A new 32' custom trailer will replace that with some creature comforts like air conditioning and a bathroom package. This will give us convenience of a pickup truck with a sizeable hauler that we can stay in.

If you are tired of hearing terms like Polar Vortex, suffer from cabin fever, all the while wondering how Hannah Montana became Miley Cyrus the "Wrecking Ball", then keep following along with us because in a little more than a month we will be racing at a track near you!

Mar-Schan Motorsports - Cecil County Streetcar Shoot Out
Post Date: November 4th 2013 | Author: Marc Schankweiler
Photos Courtesy of Bill Robaey Photography and Click Click Boom Photography

Mar-Schan Motorsports - Cecil County Streetcar Shoot Out 8.50 IndexThe leaves are signaling a change here in the Northeast, but even before they started changing colors to signal fall, we made some changes here late in the season. We raced our 66 Nova in the 8.50 index class at the Cecil County Streetcar Shoot Out in October and November, but we had a new driver. I put Rob Puller in the seat to end the season to compare his reaction times with mine. Rob recently sold his nitrous small block 8.50 index Camaro and needed a ride to keep up in the points and I needed to see if it was the car or me that wasn't working right. Unfortunately that's still out for debate depending who you ask, but the good news is he did a great job of driving and when things weren't right he noticed and gave us good feedback.

Mar-Schan Motorsports - Cecil County Streetcar Shoot Out 8.50 IndexAt the October race we missed the first round of qualifying due to a faulty starter. We replaced it with a spare before the second qualifier and Rob rode a nice 100-foot long wheel stand the very first time he let go of the trans-brake. I prepared him for the possibility of that happening since he is a little smaller than me and we needed to move some weight around to compensate. Apparently we didn't compensate enough because he did it a second time the next pass. We finally dialed the suspension in and he made a clean pass to end the night with an 8.39. Still too fast for the index but it would give us something to build on for November.

Mar-Schan Motorsports - Cecil County Streetcar Shoot Out 8.50 IndexThere were no tricks to our program and the only treat we had was great weather for the November Shootout. We made the call for the first qualifier without any issues this month after detuning and taking power out of the car to slow it down from the previous month's 8.39. Rob ran it out and the scoreboard flashed an 8.42. Not what we wanted to see! We added another 60 pounds to the car, made another nitrous adjustment and Rob shut the car off 7.98 seconds into the 2nd qualifying attempt and it still went 8.48! We didn't get to turn the clocks back till midnight but I wanted to get that hour back right then and do it again. Talk about curveballs, but it's hard to dial in a car with a new driver and cooler weather in two races but we tried. We did qualify for the field though but when lining up for the first round the car sounded sluggish and Rob noticed that it felt funny inside too and he aborted the pass. We found some valvetrain damage back at the pits and our day was done.

As always though we had a good time and made a good showing in our pit area answering questions and garnering many thumbs up for the look of our operation thanks to the help of our sponsors and partners.

Mar-Schan Motorsports is done for the season with the big car as the motor will have to be pulled to address the issues, but we still have another race with the Kuhn Motorsports Junior Dragster that now resides in our shop. A full update on that will follow as we were out with that twice in October as well.

I hope to see many of you in the next month at PRI and hopefully some warm Orlando air will blow up toward Indy.

Mar-Schan Motorsports - Cecil County Streetcar Shoot Out 8.50 IndexMar-Schan Motorsports - Race Cars Jr Dragster and Chevy II

Yellow Bullet Nationals 2013 "Parked In The Weeds"
Post Date: September 18th 2013 | Author: Marc Schankweiler
Photos Courtesy of Edge Of Speed Photography and Bill Robaey Photography

Yellow Bullet Nationals 2013 8.50 IndexI could start and stop this write up by just saying a few words, "You Had To Be There!"

If you weren't there you will have no idea what went on, from the blazing heat, packed grandstands, pits and staging lanes, vendor booths, kids games, post race get together spots, and great side by side racing action. Just in case you were out to sea filming an episode of The Deadliest Catch or attending the Great Bathtub Race in Nome, Alaska and couldn't make it, I will give you some details through my eyes.

Mother Nature didn't stop the fans or the racers from coming out. There were 570 cars on the premises according to one report despite the heat on and off the track. Thousands of bags of ice were sold for beer coolers and intercoolers. Gallons of ice cream were sold at the concession stands and a refineries worth of nitrous oxide was purged into the air and ingested by flame throwing outlaw door slammers. Tanker trucks of VP Racing Fuel and alcohol were added to the mix to propel the cars down the track and some of the finest jars of alcohol distilled for drinking pleasure were on hand to be sampled. For the record we didn't have any ice cream!

Racing and testing for some began on site midweek with a Pro test session during the day on Friday. We arrived Friday after work with some help from our buddy Jim Martin who was kind enough to lend us his 2011 F-250 diesel as a tow vehicle. As some may know we had our combination motor home and tow vehicle for sale for several months. Well, as things usually happen, it sold and was taken delivery of the week before this event, leaving us without a reliable puller unless you count Rob Puller. Thanks for the help Bugsy.

Yellow Bullet Nationals 2013 8.50 IndexFriday nights first round of qualifying was at 7pm and what would a race be without rushing around after work, getting set up, warming up the car, and sprinting to the lanes to get our tech card and roll right into the water box? It just wouldn't be the same. All things considered my one-man crew was there when I arrived and we made the Friday night qualifying session count running a wheels up 8.58 at 160mph. Somehow this would hold through two more rounds on Saturday to put us in the show at number 29 in the 32-car field out of 54 cars in the 8.50 index class. Flash back to last year's event and the 32 cars were all sandwiched between 8.500 and 8.550. The track and weather this year were tricky.

Our Saturday qualifiers consisted of a tire spinning second round due to being "parked in the weeds" and not hearing the call to the lanes and only a phone call from another volunteer Mar-Schan Motorsports crew member alerted us to the fact that they were already halfway done the round. The car wasn't even warmed up, no nitrous bottles were ready, no spark plugs were in the cylinder heads, no parachute was packed, and a forgotten tire pressure gauge reeked havoc with our efforts. Hey but the car looked good! Instead of polishing the car and cleaning the windows for what I misconstrued as a car show with a burnout contest, I should have been getting the engine ready. Oh well, just a 6 or 7-hour wait till the last attempt to better our position. We were ready for this one but had to short shift as the horizon disappeared as our Nova clicked the 60' timers with the back tires. That killed the ET and we held our breath for a few more pairs of cars flexed their muscles to make the show and send us home in our borrowed truck. We were not to be denied and were proud to be racing on Sunday with a tough group of 32 cars separated by less than nine hundredths of a second.

Yellow Bullet Nationals 2013 8.50 IndexCecil County on Sunday was still super soupy but we advanced into the second round by beating the number 4 qualifier as he had trouble on the starting line and we scrubbed some speed and ET at the big end running an 8.59 at only 135mph. Running the numbers showed that it would have been an 8.481 pass, which is perfect considering power sucking air that everyone had to contend with. That gave us a little bit "in the tank" in case of an issue and hopefully we could tap the brakes and drive the stripe, as they say, to get the win in the next round. One thing that has been an issue though has been the car having a reaction time measured with a sundial. A good reaction to the amber lights would be needed to have success to make it to round three and marching toward the $5,000.00 payout. We have made several changes this season to lower our reaction times but to no avail. The next round the beautiful 1969 Camaro of Joe Alagana grabbed a starting line advantage and I had to use up all of that top end ET buffer that I had to run him down and we broke out with an 8.482. It was a good race with two blue 40 plus year-old Chevrolets fender to fender down the track.

Congrats to Joe Albrecht for taking home the money this season but we will be back next year for sure and hopefully have some answers that will get us to the winner's circle.

I need to thank my crew, Cecil Walton, Mike Richardson, John Kokinda and Wanna Be Crew Member Ron Rhodes for putting us in the groove, Mike Boccella from Boccella's Performance, Jeff Kundratic representing Lucas Oil, Bud and Tom from Mickey Thompson for being at the track again this year supporting the racers, Kris from NGK for keeping our tune up consistent and Josh and Vince at BMS Racing Engines for building our bullet. Honorable mention goes to Induction Solutions, Quick Fuel Technology, FireCore wires, DJ Safety, Holeshot Wheels, and all the other great companies on the decals on our windows that have helped us over the years with parts and support.

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress and Braylon's Junior Dragster that is just awaiting the return of the engine from Fred Craws in New Jersey in the next week of so.

Yellow Bullet Nationals 2013 Yellow Bullet Nationals 2013 8.50 Index

Yellow Bullet Nationals 2013Yellow Bullet Nationals 2013 8.50 Index

Back On The Track, Drag Racing The Chevy II
Post Date: July 15 2013 | Author: Marc Schankweiler

Drag Racing The Chevy II Mar-Schan Motorsports at Maple Grove Raceway 8.50 IndexWelcome to summer! It's been a while since my last update, but we have probably raced three out of the last four weekends if not all four, two with Braylon and the Jr. Dragster and myself the last two weekends in our Chevy II in 8.50 index.

I am proud to announce that Braylon won his first round of racing at Cecil County June 22nd! Unfortunately for him it was bittersweet as it was his first time at the County and he misjudged the turn off at the hole in the wall and nipped the bottom of the Jersey barrier with the front wheel resulting in a flat tire and the end to his day. He kind of has a lead foot sometimes. I don't know where he gets it. I felt bad because I wasn't there to see the win or to help with the emotional or mechanical aftermath because I am sure we could have fixed both. I was actually taking delivery of an 8.90 car that he will be able to call his own and Kuhn Racing will soon be beginning. It's a used local car in excellent condition and I am in the process of doing the bodywork along with John Martin from JM Paint in Norristown. The shell will be in primer in a couple of days and I hope to have the proper shade of blue pigment on it by the end of the week. George Pavell is working his magic with our graphic wrap ideas and I hope to surprise Mini Me with the car when he gets home from his summer vacation at Granny's in Kentucky in a week or so.

Drag Racing The Chevy II Mar-Schan Motorsports at Maple Grove Raceway 8.50 IndexWe have raced the last two weekends and have gone back to our racing roots from several years ago when we were excited and had fun at the track. I am back in the 8.50 index class which has a HUGE following and participation here in the Northeast and I know we can run the number without constantly leaning on our equipment or cutting up our car trying to find a few pounds and a few tenths. In our first full 1/4 mile pass in over a year last weekend at Maple Grove Raceway in the Boninfante B1 8.50 Index Series we ran and 8.486 off the trailer in testing and had all the ground straps on our NGK spark plugs at the end of the track. It's always a good feeling when you get back to the pits and pull the plugs and every strap is intact. The starting line officials apologized prior tour run for the lack of track prep due to the fact that they thought that Friday night's test session would be rained out. A flip-flop wouldn't have pulled off my foot, that is, if I wore flip-flops! Anyway, much to our surprise after doing a burnout long enough to heat the tires and feel the flat spots from the garage floor disappear, the old Nova took the full hit of the Boccella's Performance nitrous at the launch and the old Mickey Thompson radials pulled the front wheels two feet in the air. Where did that come from? All cliche's aside, about hooking on the beach or in a carwash, I have all the confidence in the world in these tires as do my crew guys. That's one less thing to worry about on race day, which is good. We ended up losing in the semis though to a tough racer John Razler, whose father unfortunately passed away two days later. Our thoughts are with the Razler family.

Drag Racing The Chevy II Mar-Schan Motorsports at Maple Grove Raceway 8.50 IndexFast forward to this weekend where we went to the Cecil County Street Car Shootout to run at their first class monthly event in the 8.50 index class again. In the fifteen car field we qualified number 9 trying to get a handle on the life and horsepower sucking 100 degree heat. We ran and 8.604 and an 8.607 in qualifying but unfortunately for us it isn't the 8.60 index class and we had to make changes quick. We made them and got the win in the first round scrubbing about 20mph so as not to break out and what would have been around an 8.53 wide open ended up an 8.61 but it was enough to beat the big tired number 8 qualifier as he spun bad off the line. In round two we beat ourselves much to my displeasure, or should I say I beat MYSELF, as it was all driver error. I made some changes inside the car with the placement of the trans-brake button trying to cut a better light and in doing so I have to make a move to the shifter after the launch. I wasted the best 60' in the last two weekends and the best reaction time by going up to the handle a little hard when the wheels came up a bit in almost a textbook launch and I short shifted by accident. Practice makes perfect so between prepping Braylons car I will be sitting in the cockpit of my car getting familiar with the new layout for the next few weeks till the next race. We had a good time again and heard a few times "you are back in the game", or "you should have never left 8.50." I can't agree more and can't wait to let Bray see his car and get it out there.

See you at the track!

Drag Racing The Chevy II Mar-Schan Motorsports at Maple Grove Raceway 8.50 IndexDrag Racing The Chevy II Mar-Schan Motorsports at Maple Grove Raceway 8.50 Index

Drag Racing The Chevy II Mar-Schan Motorsports at Maple Grove Raceway 8.50 IndexDrag Racing The Chevy II Mar-Schan Motorsports at Maple Grove Raceway 8.50 Index

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Racing Jr. Dragsters With My Son And Our Sponsors Announcement
Post Date: July 12 2013 | Author: Marc Schankweiler

Braylon Mar-Schan Motorsports at Maple Grove Raceway In His Jr. Dragster 2013It's been a while since I have written or updated my website. Not sure if anyone noticed, but in the interim I have been taking my time trying to figure out the best course of action for all of us. As of right now my car has not set a Mickey Thompson tread out of my garage since October 2012. I had been working 7 days a week for months up until a few weeks ago and in my "spare" time I have supported my stepson Braylon in his Jr. Drag racing career. We have been using my neighbor's spare car and helping to get that sorted out until his daughter who will be 8 in a few weeks takes over the wheel. I am actively trying to find Braylon an 8.90 Jr. Dragster that we can call our own and customize it and letter it up as we please. This has been my priority and my motivation the last few months. I haven't had that killer instinct that I have had in the past to get out there and race my own car and dedicate all my time and financial resources to our program. Not having this would be a disservice to our sponsors and partners. My car will be here in the future but the time I spend with Bray will help him to develop life skills for the future that he might not otherwise have a chance to learn, things like good sportsmanship, attention to detail, dedication, responsibility, respectfulness, and the value of a dollar, and I can't miss it if it's something we can do together.

As of this time I have not taken or received any product or financial support from any companies that graciously agreed to support Mar-SchanMotorsports for the 2013 season and I hope that I haven't messed up and budgets. That would weigh less on me than having shiny new parts sitting here not being used, and the providers not receiving their due return on their investment. I plan on still racing this year but on a limited schedule and hopefully having fun. I will still run all of the decals currently on our Nova and continue to hand out the informational material I still have at the events I do attend. I wouldn't be out there at all if it wasnít for many of the awesome products in the car at this time.

Oh wait...I retract that statement above about receiving any products or support. DJ Safety and Loren Hill did provide us with a new Jr. Dragster harness for our loaner car and the owner of the car actually purchased another set for his son's car as well through us as a dealer. There is market there and many of your companies cross over into the Jr. Drag Racing arena. If anyone would care to rethink our product allotment and help us with Braylon's car, which I assure you be clean and detailed as our Nova is, please let me know. We have a car in mind from KCS in New Jersey and are just waiting for the motor to come back freshened up. If everything works out George Pavell from will hopefully be working with us on a wrap for the car, which we would love to be able to incorporate some of our friends and partners logos into the design.

Hopefully you will see some pictures and updates from our local tracks in both cars as I ask and thank you all in advance for your understanding with my change in focus for the time being. As always, I welcome any feedback or your honest thoughts on our plans.

Thank you,
Marc Schankweiler
Mar-Schan Motorsports LLC

Braylon Mar-Schan Motorsports and DJ Safety HarnessBraylon Mar-Schan Motorsports and DJ Safety HarnessBraylon Mar-Schan Motorsports Jr Dragster Driver

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Decisions On Another Year In X275 With Marschan Motorsprts
Post Date: December 1st 2012 | Author: Marc Schankweiler

Marc Schankweiler at the 2012 Atco Raceway X275 Drag Radial

Well it's that time of year again where the cold weather takes over in the north and racing is put on hold. It's the time of year where indoor car shows and manufacturers expositions like PRI and SEMA bring racers together for glimpses into the future of the latest gizmos and gadgets to take you to the next level. For some, the off season is one of questions and decisions, and others it's full steam ahead looking to try to keep pace with the Joneses.

For us here at Mar-Schan Motorsports LLC, we are in a questioning and decision making mode. Do we continue to try to just qualify at next seasons x275 Drag Radial events with our portly piece of nostalgia or possibly go back to the always popular 8.50 Index class that flourishes here in the Northeast? I know we can run the number in the 8.50 class with less stress on our combination which is appealing, but the exposure isn't as great, but neither is the exposure for a DNQ.

Our last event back in October had our team at Atco Dragway for the last Super Saturday event of the season and the x275 class. What worked at the Yellow Bullet Nationals weeks earlier didn't work here! The air was slightly better but I didn't expect the car to respond with wheel standing anger. I had the same engine and suspension tune up as the YB event but for some reason the Boccella's Performance sponsored Chevy II decided that the track was no match for the Mickey Thompson Drag Radial Pros, and it didn't matter how much the front end of that car weighed, it was heading skyward! A quick short shift brought the front end down softly, but some more suspension tuning was in order. Drag Radials and BMS Racing Engines power-1.... Successful qualifying effort-0! We had one more qualifier and even though this time the front end lift was measured in feet instead of yards, we would have had to run a career best ET to qualify and that was just not in the cards. We decided to make another test hit even though we would not be racing for the glory, but wanted to lay down a decent number and get some more on track exposure for our marketing partners. Once again, in a class that is a designed for tuners, we failed to meet our expectations as it seemed like a crane hooked the front bumper and lifted us skyward at the green light. The pictures were great, don't get me wrong, but we leave 2012 with uncertainty as mentioned above.

There are two things you need to be successful in drag racing if you measure success in trips to the winner's circle, time and resources. This season my allotment of time was greatly diminished due to having to travel almost extensively for work. It's not the same as it was a few years ago in construction where you could work 40 hours a week and sleep in your own bed. I am actually writing this as I begin my fourth week some 1200 miles from my house and family trying to find the resources to take care of them and do some racing in the future. Out of the 11 months gone by in 2012 I have been on the road in hotels, campgrounds, and rental houses for approximately 5 of them putting in upwards of 90+ hour weeks as required by the schedule of the project. That being said, sometimes the resources are there but the time is not, so we do the best we can to promote brand awareness and provide exposure for our sponsors at every opportunity off the track as well. I don't measure my success on wins and losses alone. Every time someone asks me via email, phone call or messaging about a company that we work with or that we endorse and I get a chance to spread the word, it's a successful and winning opportunity. Trophies are nice and shiny to look at and checks are nice to cash don't get me wrong, but relationships don't tarnish if taken care of and can last a lot longer than a few dollars in the pocket, at least mine anyway, and I cherish the friends in the business that I have met and believed in us.

Marschan Motorsports Jennifer Schankweiler Holding ShotgunSpeaking of relationships, I had the chance to dash away from South Florida for a couple of days to make a surprise visit to my wife and son while she was visiting her family in Kentucky over the week of Thanksgiving.

She had no idea that I was coming up until she saw me walk out of the terminal at the airport in Louisville as she waited supposedly for a relative of her best friend.

I am pretty sure she was shocked and happy at the same time. I had about a day and a half to relax and shoot some targets along the Ohio River with her and her relatives, which has become a 16 year ritual for them. Tell you what; I wouldn't want to make her mad with a gun in her hand!

Now I just need to find out if Lucas Oil makes gun oil in their massive line up of lubricants.

Marschan Motorsports Marc Schankweiler Holding ShotgunSince I am short on time and long on work hours right now, I think I may end up missing the PRI show this weekend for the first time in 6 years. The only way I will make it there is if they tell me I have the day off on Saturday, and I make the 5 hour trek north on Friday night.

So for those of you that are going and displaying I hope you have a safe and very positive final event in Orlando since everyone will be braving an Indianapolis winter for next years meeting. I also will not have time to formalize much in the way of proposals for 2013 and I realize this may cost me some partners, but I do want to thank the many great companies that have supported us over the years of ups and downs and I will be in touch in one way or another in the future.

Feel free to comment or reply with any tips, thoughts, or advice, I am all ears!

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Marschan Motorsports At Yellow Bullet Nationals 2012
Post Date: September 10th 2012 | Author: Marc Schankweiler

Marc Schankweiler at the 2012 yelow Bullet Nationals X275 Drag Radial

I skipped the write up about the Super Saturday Swim Meet... I mean Shoot Out at Atco a few weeks back because my wife was right, it was going to rain, and it did. I hated to say that but I did. I should have stayed home and saved for the following week at another track but you have to jump when you have a chance so I did. Trust me you didn't miss anything but we did get a pass in and got some data. Fast forward to this past weekend if you will please.

Man, what a weekend! If you missed the 3rd Annual Yellow Bullet Nationals at Cecil County you missed one of the great outlaw street car races in a long time. Mar-Schan Motorsports was glad to be part of it and want to thank Monte Mikho and the crew at Cecil County for putting it on.

Read The Complete Yellow Bullet Race Review Here, Photos And Video included

Maple Grove Super Chevy Show 2012:
Out Testing The X275 Drag Radial Chevy II At Super Chevy
Post Date: July 24th | Author: Marc Schankweiler

Super Chevy Show Maple Grove And Marschan Motorsports

As a student of the great contributors and successful sponsored racers in magazines like National Dragster who write in weekly with their own experiences on and off the track, and a one time reader of The Power Of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, it has been hard to attempt to craft an update for our sponsors and our website when times are tough. My hat goes off to those racers that can take the pressure, failures, economic and family issues and still be able to look their marketing partners in the face and say 'we are trying to get it done and get out there when it feels like you are letting everyone down'. Itís my job to keep everyone up to speed with the Mar-Schan Motorsports program and I havenít done that this year as well as I should have and for that I apologize. Mr. Kris Zdral from NGK once told me that he would rather hear from us if we lose than us win and not hear from us at all. Great advice!

We spent February through mid-June working 7 days a week sometimes close to home, other times out of town for months. That was the good news. Now we have been laid off for 5 weeks but that did give me time to get the car done in quick order. We made some updates to the motor in the form of some top end induction work on the cylinder heads and adding a pair of Quick Fuel 4150 series carburetors to the top of our M&M Competition Engines tunnel ram. This necessitated a very time consuming stop at the local chassis shop for linkage fabrication, but it came out looking and working great. I also moved all of the fuel and nitrous plumbing around under the hood to make it a more maintenance friendly layout using Aeroquip StarLite hose from Clark Industrial Supply.

The last several weeks off has given us quality family time that was missing earlier in the year with all the work, including a trip to see my wifeís family in Kentucky. This gave me a chance to hit the Bowling Green shop of Quick Fuel Technology and see some of the behind scenes activity at the shop including the custom work and shipping area where there are tons of carbs ready to go out. The shop had real people taking pride in their work and putting out a great product for all out racecars and OEM type applications.

Our induction changes over the winter unfortunately have left us still way heavy for the x275 class, but I figured it was better to have a heavy car with a happy engine instead of a light car and a bunch of broke parts. Hopefully we can keep it all together now and we started this past weekend with some shakedown passes at the Super Chevy Show at Maple Grove Raceway. The car looked and sounded real good and we already noticed some changes in our tune up that we will have to make. We had our display table lined up with brochures and products from many of our sponsors and passed on our experiences and how our program has benefitted from the use of these products both in quality and technical support. Saturday was a big spectator day at the SCS Show and I was even asked for an autograph by a young fan on a Hero Card that BMS Racing Engines had made featuring our car on the front. My wife thought that was real neat. We had previously pushed our car into a display space at the North East Custom Car Show back in late March with our almost completed engine and BMS had the cards made for distribution and promotion of their great shop.

We are hoping to be able to make it to Super Saturday Shootout at Atco this weekend and then Cecil County Dragway the following for their legendary Street Car Shootout and keep this rolling now. Hopefully work will break soon close to home again and stay steady as well so we could better cope with the ups and downs of the economy and have a more visible presence on the track for our partners. Thanks again to the great companies that support and believe in us because without your help we wouldnít even be able to make it down the track.

Super Chevy Show Marschan Motorsports Drag Racing Super Chevy Show Marschan Motorsports Drag Racing Super Chevy Show Marschan Motorsports Drag Racing

Super Chevy Show Marschan Motorsports Drag Racing Super Chevy Show Marschan Motorsports Drag Racing Super Chevy Show Marschan Motorsports Drag Racing

Our 2012 Schedule Is Released:
See Where The x275 Drag Radial Nova Will Be this Year
Post Date: January 30th | Author: Marc Schankweiler

2012 X275 Drag Radial Schedule

Racing this season in the northeast is going to be a blast again with our X275 Drag Radial Nova. We have quite a few engagements planned for our fans along with our usual bevy of sponsors products available at most races. Our 2012 sponsors have given us the "OOMPH" needed to again regain our standing as one of the most successful cars to run in many different classes. We thank our fans and sponsors who follow us and the Nova at each and every event and hope to see you soon at any one of them.

View Our 2012 X275 Drag Radial Schedule Here

Marschan Motorsports Gets Ink In RPM Magazine
December Issue Features The x275 Drag Radial Nova In The Pages
Post Date: January 28th | Author: Marc Schankweiler

Marschan Motorsports Gets Ink In RPM MagazineWith the release of the December RPM Magazine, inside the pages of this premium racing publication is the article entitled "Shakedown at E Town" The Northeast Unleashed. This event article is the 9th published exclusively through its entire history from day one.

This year at the 9th Annual, more than eight classes were featured which as with any publication a race this large and an article have limitations as to images and words. Though Marschan Motorsports X275 Drag Radial Nova was not at the top of the field it certainly caught the editors eye as it always does.

The glistening blue flamed body shimmered in the brilliant sun and topping it off with the flames gave the editor "Chris Biro" more than enough fuel to add this into the outstanding article.

RPM Magazine is available in both print format and online but the print version is just too nice with heavy stock glossy oversized paper. They also have revamped their website into one of the best there is. Stop in and see them here at RPM Magazine Dedicated to Extreme Horsepower Worldwide

2011 Mar-Schan Motorsports - Our Year Year in Review
National Media Coverage And Sponsor Thanks
Post Date: December 10th, 2011 | Author: Marc Schankweiler

The 2011 season had its ups and downs as many seasons do but we still look back and while our high expectations weren't met we still worked as hard as we could to provide exposure for our marketing partners.

Mar-Schan Motorsports began the season with some repairs to our combination from the end of 2010. Even after the repairs we were met with some mechanical issues right from the outset that necessitated another attempted repair and finally a replacement of our block. The time investment and financial hassles associated with this unexpected problem slowed us up right away and took us out of competition for the heart of the season. With help from ATI Performance Products we were able to rebuild and get back out. We were not satisfied with this past year and will exert the needed energy and dedication to put our best foot forward on the track and off the track for our sponsors and marketing partners.

We did gain national media coverage in 2011 again for our efforts. I wrote and article for Fastest Street Car Magazine's Blog which can be found here: Fastest Street Car Magazine's Blog

There was also a condensed version that made the print issue of the magazine. Fastest Street Car Print Version

We also garnered some coverage from the MIR NMCA event in the Fastest Street Car Magazine located here: MIR NMCA event in the Fastest Street Car Magazine

We were also mentioned in the November 2011 issue of Chevy High Performance Magazine where we were called one of their "favorite cars on the property" which featured two pictures of the car and engine combination and mentioned several of our sponsors.

The car has also been featured in a couple of our partner's catalogs including Quick Fuel Technology, Smith Brothers Push Rods, Moroso and Diamond Pistons.

We appreciate the all our sponsors and the help they have provided and look to continue our growth as a valuable asset to their company and hopefully yours. We are looking for a primary financial sponsor for 2012 that will help us take our program to the next level. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas you may have to make your goals a reality.

I want to thank the following companies, in no particular order, for their support this past season:

Best Regards,
Marc Schankweiler

Marschan Motorsports X275 Drag Radial Nova Back on Track!
Cecil County, Shakedown At E Town Now MIR Coming Up.
Post Date: October 23rd, 2011 | Author: Marc Schankweiler
Photos Courtesy of Seth at GoneDragRacing and

We are hoping that we have turned the corner and removed the thorn in our side that has caused us problems since last season. Mar-Schan Motorsports has been to two races in October, the Cecil County Street Car Shootout and the 9th Annual Shakedown At E-town, since we put the new bullet in the car. Unfortunately we were also a victim of the economy at the same time and got laid off due to a change in contractors where I was employed. Hence, the delay in keeping everyone up to date, as we reach out to our contacts in the industry and look for a new place of employment, but we have a motor!

X275 Drag Radial Nova Hanging The Tires At 2011 Shakedown At E Town

Drag Racing News From M&M Competition EnginesI want to thank ATI Performance Products for working with us and Dart to procure the new block to get us up and running as well as M&M Competition Engines for donating the machine work and Josh at BMS Racing Engines here in Pa for staying late and letting me steal room in the shop to weed through all the issues when building a new motor. It's never a "bolt together" as I always think it will be.

Working Out The X275 Drag Radial Nova At Cecil County Photo By Seth At GoneDragRacingBack to the track: We got the motor fired up the night before the Cecil County race as usual and shook out a few cobwebs with the car and tried to remember how to drive and tune for track conditions and neither worked out so well and we were a disappointing DNQ. I was hoping for some test runs after that but the constant mist in the air put a damper on the program and it was postponed.

The following week our team attended the Shakedown At E-town in Englishtown, New Jersey. We had the typical Mar-Schan Motorsports luck just getting to the track, let see, fuel leak in the motor home fuel tank, blown radiator hose, and broken cylinder head exhaust flange. Yes, the head actually broke along the New Jersey Turnpike. What a noisy ride that turned into! I guess 52,000 miles can be a lot on a Ford, go figure. It didn't matter we would deal with that after the race. There were 29 cars in the x275 class at The Shakedown and we qualified I believe around number 18 with our first pass being our best. We started to add some power to our baseline tune up but the weather got worse each time and negated our efforts. The track took a turn for the worse when the sun came out Sunday afternoon, and after a last minute change on the starting line, we still spun the tires. We did however, set up a table at our trailer and put out brochures and decals from Moroso, Quick Fuel, Stoner Solutions, ATI, Mickey Thompson and Jesel and answered a bunch of questions about the products and our program so that part of the weekend was a big success! I want to thank Boccella's Performance for helping us with expenses for the weekend as well as a place to store and repair my motorhome once we got home. Thanks Mike!

The good news was that we drove the car out of the trailer and into the garage after each day, which is always good!
Our next event once we get the new head for the motor home will be the U.S. Army World Cup Finals at MIR. Here is a link to the event as well as a promotional video,

The place is PACKED to say the least plus its a quarter mile event! We hope to make a good showing and catch some people's attention to our program and our sponsor's products. If you would like to have a bigger share or have your logo more prominently displayed on the car for this event just let me know. Our future plans beyond this event include a trip once again to Orlando and the PRI show in December to personally thank our friends and partners and check out the latest products in the business.

Hope to see you there!

Now enjoy our photos from the Shakedown At E Town 2011 by

Shakedown At E Town 2011 X275 Drag Radial Marschan Motorsports Chevy II Shakedown At E Town 2011 X275 Drag Radial Marschan Motorsports Chevy II Shakedown At E Town 2011 X275 Drag Radial Marschan Motorsports Chevy II

Shakedown At E Town 2011 X275 Drag Radial Marschan Motorsports Chevy II Shakedown At E Town 2011 X275 Drag Radial Marschan Motorsports Chevy II Shakedown At E Town 2011 X275 Drag Radial Marschan Motorsports Chevy II

Shakedown At E Town 2011 X275 Drag Radial Marschan Motorsports Chevy II Shakedown At E Town 2011 X275 Drag Radial Marschan Motorsports Chevy II Shakedown At E Town 2011 X275 Drag Radial Marschan Motorsports Chevy II

Shakedown At E Town 2011 X275 Drag Radial Marschan Motorsports Chevy II Shakedown At E Town 2011 X275 Drag Radial Marschan Motorsports Chevy II Shakedown At E Town 2011 X275 Drag Radial Marschan Motorsports Chevy II

Shakedown At E Town 2011 X275 Drag Radial Marschan Motorsports Chevy II Shakedown At E Town 2011 X275 Drag Radial Marschan Motorsports Chevy II Shakedown At E Town 2011 X275 Drag Radial Marschan Motorsports Chevy II

Shakedown At E Town 2011 X275 Drag Radial Marschan Motorsports Chevy II Shakedown At E Town 2011 X275 Drag Radial Marschan Motorsports Chevy II Shakedown At E Town 2011 X275 Drag Radial Marschan Motorsports Chevy II

Shakedown At E Town 2011 X275 Drag Radial Marschan Motorsports Chevy II Shakedown At E Town 2011 X275 Drag Radial Marschan Motorsports Chevy II

NMCA ATI Performance Products X275 In Fastest Street Car Magazine
Marschan Motorsports Featured In MIR Coverage
Post Date: September 3, 2011 | Author: Marc Schankweiler

X275 Small Block Build In Fastest Street Car BlogThe NMCA headed south towards MIR on the middle leg of their series featuring the X275 Drag Radial Class where-as Marc Schankweiler followed into the class and qualified well only to lose in the first round agianst some of the stiff competition nowadays in this growing venue.

The little Nova with a nitroused small block couldn't hold off the charge of Mike Fratena. Marschan Motorsports is now awaiting delivery of a new iron block to help dismiss the problems of the earlier aluminum block setup but will still rely on the same heads and intake for the coming year.

Read The Complete Story At FSC Magazine Online HERE



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